Freezer Mates Small High 1.1L x2

$21.00 $17.85

Controversial! ‚ After all these years, Tupperware has redesigned the freezer boxes! ‚ If you still have the old style ones, and you are looking for a spare part lid or base, ‚ I have them here.This is a set of 2 of the versatile 1. size. ‚ You can also get them as part of the ‚ Like the ‚ iconic D05 Freezer Square Rounds 800ml, which they have replaced, the Freezer Mates work so well because the ‚ design facilitates maximum air flow in the freezer. ‚ They also stay flexible at freezer temperatures.There are two slight improvements on the Freezer Square Rounds. ‚ When you stack them, the recessed top and slightly concave base help with the air flow. ‚ Plus, they also have a no-stain coating to prevent the age-old problem of staining from hot food with a high colour.

Freezer Mates Small High 1.1L x2
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