A-Series Paring Knife

$22.00 $18.70

Peel, core, cut, pit… it's up to you!

Our high-performance paring knife is your go-to for peeling, cutting fruit and dicing small foods like ginger and garlic. These paring and peeling knives are also handy for removing seeds and deveining shrimp. The vibrant, color-coded paring knife sheaths protect the blades for safe storage in the drawer and turn your knife into the ideal picnic knife to take on the go.


  • Sharp, flexible blade allows you to cut even the thinnest of slices.
  • Identify at a glance: No more guessing which knife is which! Thanks to the unique vibrant color on the handle and sheath, you can easily identify which knife you need.
  • Safe to store or take on the go: The protective sheath allows you to safely store the knife in your drawer or to take with you on the go!
  • Comfortable to hold: The ergonomically shaped handles fit perfectly in your hand.
A-Series Paring Knife
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