Aloha Bowl 1L - Watermelon

$11.00 $9.35

Explore the great outdoors with the Aloha range, ideal for daily use at the park or by the pool. Stylish and practical, these Aloha bowls are designed to nest perfectly together for easy storage and space saving in the kitchen. With liquid-tight seals, you can prepare your food in advance and transport to a picnic or BBQ without the fear of messy spills. This large 7.5L bowl is great for larger servings of salads, chips or pre-cooked dishes and can also be used as an ice bucket for chilling drinks. Ideal for serving indoors and outdoors, the bowls can be sealed to store and stack in the fridge. Made from virtually unbreakable BPA free plastic material, featuring fun vibrant colours and easy to open seals, the full Aloha range includes 2L and 4L size bowls as well as plates, tumblers and portable cutlery. ‚ CARE: Do not use harsh chemicals or scourers to clean. Do not use metal utensils or knives near these bowls. Dishwasher Safe Fridge Safe

Aloha Bowl 1L - Watermelon
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