Chop Collector Jet Black Recycline

$24.50 $20.83

The Tupperware Chop Collector has a multitude of uses. ‚ It can be used for your ingredients prior to chopping them, it can be used for the peelings ready to go in the bin, or it is just a handy worktop tidy bin with a 2.5L capacity. ‚ The Tupperware Chop Collector's shape means it fits in the corner out of the way, or it can even hand over a door! The lid when opened will stand up without falling shut, or the lid can be ‚ detached and used as a ‚ spoon holder or even as a spatula itself.Such a versatile product! ‚ It matches the ‚ potato smart ‚ and the ‚ garlic and onion mates.Original colour black and green, and now in black and peacock!

Chop Collector Jet Black Recycline
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