Eco+ 1,2,3 Lunch Box Parr.Fish

$27.00 $22.95

The Eco+ 1-2-3 lunch box is particularly versatile and your lunch for on the go, for the office or for a trip is perfectly stowed away! 

The lunchbox-to-go has a practical clip closure that makes it particularly easy to open the box without much effort. This makes it the perfect companion for your children for sandwiches or lunch at school or in kindergarten. 

The container also has a smart subdivision. In this way, the various foods remain appetizingly separate from one another. 

Thanks to its flat, compact shape, the lunch box fits perfectly in the school bag, the kindergarten backpack and even in the handbag and takes up hardly any space.

Eco+ 1,2,3 Lunch Box Parr.Fish
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