Eco+ Bottle 1L Edd Watermelon

$18.00 $15.30

A million single-use plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute! Help stop this by purchasing a reusable bottle.Our Eco Bottle 0ml provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to drink water throughout the day.Small plastic water bottles can help you start and keep to a positive habit that can have a real impact on your general health.The tapered, contoured shape of our eco-friendly water bottle fits easily in your hand and also travels well in most backpacks, purses, and gym bags.

Leak proof cap prevents spills

Easy to clean

Fits in most car and bicycle cup and bottle holders

Features a large tab for easy opening and closing

Tapered, contoured shape fits easily in your hand

Also available in other sizes.

Eco+ Bottle 1L Edd Watermelon
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