Eco+ Xtremaqua Bottle 500ml

$14.00 $10.50

Who knew the iconic Tupperware® Eco Bottle could get even better? Well we did of course. Introducing the brand new, exclusive eco-friendly, freezer-loving XtremAqua™ Eco Bottles.

This new generation of Eco Bottles reflects our commitment to sustainability – not only are these bottles reusable, reducing your use of those pesky single-use plastic bottles – they are now virtually unbreakable and freezer proof. Yes pop them in the freezer and they are designed to expand as the water freezes!

This is thanks to the world-first innovative material used to produce these long-lasting, durable bottles. Not only does it make the bottles freezer proof it also makes them high-impact resistant. Add to this the thoughtful design feature of the cool-control ridges on the bottle making the bottle comfortable to hold even when frozen.

For us picnic, BBQ and beach loving Aussies these are fab to swap out those space taking freezer bricks in your esky - simply pop your frozen XtremAqua bottles in when you pack your picnic to keep your contents cold and you will then have the added benefit of cold water at the end of your day as you start the drive home! And all with nary a single-use plastic bottle in sight!

Honestly, we could go on – but if you already love our Eco Bottles – you are going to love these even more. Start your love affair with this game-changing, eco-friendly set today!

  • 100% freezer-proof
  • Designed with ridges for comfortable grip and comfort even when frozen
  • Virtually unbreakable – made from high impact resistant material even when bottle is frozen
  • Refillable – a truly sustainable product that replaces wasteful single-use plastic bottles
Eco+ Xtremaqua Bottle 500ml
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