Ergologics Ice Cream Scoop

$62.00 $52.70

Easy scooping for even the hardest ice cream.

Create picture-perfect ice cream cones using the Tupperware Ice Cream Scoop! Our ice cream scooper is the perfect tool for serving all your favorite frozen desserts like sorbet, gelato, and, of course, ice cream! But this ice cream scoop is not limited to frozen desserts. You can use it for scooping out watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, cookie dough, cupcake batter and so much more!

  • Ergonomic shape allows for a firm grip, utilizing the strength of the hand to make scooping easy while using minimal force.
  • Thinned edges and tapered end of the scoop head allows to cut and scoop ice cream with ease.
  • Zinc inner core helps retain heat and cuts through the hardest ice cream.
  • Soft-touch handle is easy to grip and non-slip, so you can maintain your hold of the Ice Cream Scoop easily.
  • Thick metal scoop stays warm when dipped in warm water to ease scooping.
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed use.
Ergologics Ice Cream Scoop
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