Feeding Cutlery

$12.00 $10.20

Introducing our new Feeding Cutlery - the perfect way to make mealtimes more enjoyable for both parents and children! Our cutlery is designed to help kids playfully learn to use utensils and become more independent eaters.

With an ergonomic grip, the right scoop size, and a smooth shape, our cutlery is ideal for parents to start feeding their children with solid foods. As children quickly learn, they can take over and try using the utensils on their own.

Our children's cutlery is designed with little hands in mind, making it easy for them to grip and handle. The curved shape of the utensils further aids in easy handling, allowing children to dig into their favorite fruits and vegetables with enthusiasm.

With our Feeding Cutlery, children can develop their independence while also enjoying mealtime in a fun and engaging way.

The Feeding Cutlery Set is composed of 1 spoon and 1 fork.

Feeding Cutlery
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