KP Tools Silicone Spatula

$25.00 $21.25

A baker's best friend! Or Pick every last drop of food!

With our Silicone Spatula, you will be able to easily mix your wet and dry ingredients with no added friction! It is the perfect tool to use for any recipe, even delicate ones like macarons or sponge cake. 

The head has two sides; one is great for scraping down straight sides, while the other is perfect for getting into any corner of mixing bowls or dishes. You can always make sure that you won’t waste a single bite because this spatula will ensure all contents are scraped out! The silicone heads are heat resistant, up to 210°F / 100°C, stain-resistant AND easy to clean! 

Its textured, heat-resistant handle provides a sturdy grip and its length ensures that it can reach into any shape bowl or pan! And the hole at the end allows for convenient hanging when not in use.

Children are always disappointed that they can't lick the batter from the bowl because with the Silicone Spatula, there will never be a drop of batter left!

KP Tools Silicone Spatula
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