Recycled Microfiber Dust Towels x2

$23.00 $19.55

Dust be gone! Reach for our eco-friendly Recycled Microfiber Dust towel for a dependable and disposable-free cleaning solution.

The double density sheared terry fabric is soft but tough on dust. Made from recycled materials that were destined for landfill, Tupperware’s ingenious design combines 80% recycled polyester materials with 20% virgin polyamide. Soft and environmentally-friendly? What a win-win! 

Each towel in our collection is colorful, durable, strong and versatile.

  • The double density sheared terry fabric is very soft and its long weaves enhance its electrostatic properties 
  • One side has longer, soft fibres for maximum dust pickup; the slightly shorter side is preferred for buffing and polishing 
  • Suitable for car interiors, TVs, mobile, computer screens and keyboards 
  • Made from 80% recycled polyester that are post-consumer sourced materials such as garments and PET bottles 
  • Featuring heavy duty stitching on the edges for durability
  • Imprinted with an icon to clearly identify cleaning purpose
Recycled Microfiber Dust Towels x2
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