Recycled Microfiber Window Towels x2

$29.00 $24.65

The sustainable cleaning wizard that makes your home shine while protecting the environment!

 Your windows have never been cleaner! Our Recycled Microfiber Window Towel will clean your windows, mirrors or any other shiny surfaces without detergent and will eliminate streaking at the same time!

  • Sustainable: Made of 80% recycled material post-consumer sourced (like disposable bottles) it helps you contribute to the planet's wellness.
  • Cleaning like a breeze: The towel wipes up fat, water stains, fingerprints and almost any marks on windows or mirrors with just water, leaving it perfectly shiny!
  • Reduce & Reuse: Our reusable Microfiber towels help reduce the use of disposable wipes.
  • Economical: The towel can withstand many washing cycles, and even more if you do not use detergents. This makes them economical as well as environmentally friendly.
  • Chemical-free cleaning: There is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals when using our Microfiber towels! All you need to clean is water or use it dry.
Recycled Microfiber Window Towels x2
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